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The ITC is a tour of high level 3- event cableski competitions for the top- ranking water-skiers from all over the world!


The International Tour of Cableski (ITC) is a tour of high level 3- event Cableski competitions.
The goal of the tour is to use the finals for promotion of Cableski in the World. T
The ITC will hold several stops hold in different countries over the World.
One stop can consist of one, two or three events (slalom – tricks – jump).
In order have a competition, fascinating and which hold the public’s attention, the organizer may deviate from the current technical rules. 

All skiers will ski in one age category, being the ‘Open’ category. In according to the Olympic spirit, whenever an event is organized, it will be organized for women and for men.
At each stop of the ITC points in each event organized, will be awarded based on the placement of the skier in that event. 
There will be a winner of the ITC in women and men in each of the three events, based on the highest total number of points obtained in a total of three ITC Stops, best of three stops system. In case that there will be only one or two stops in one discipline, each stop will count.

The first 6 skiers of each event (slalom, tricks and jump) in women and men will be automatically qualified for the Cableski World Cup!


ITC- Stops 2015


First stop: 24. - 26. July 2015 Cable Kiefersfelden/ GER 
-------------------- Slalom - Jump - Tricks ---------------------

!!!Slalom and Jump RC!!!


Second stop: 31. July - 02. August 2015 Cable Asten/ AUT 
-------------------- Slalom - Jump - Tricks ---------------------


Third stop: 29th August 2015 Cable London/ ENG
-------------------- - Jump - ---------------------

!!!As part of London Night Jump!!!


Final results of the ITC 2015


Standings Trick men

Standings Trick ladies

Standings Slalom men

Standings Slalom ladies

Standings jump men

Standings jump ladies

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Rules and information

Rules for the "International Tour of Cableski" (ITC)

Rankinglistsystem "Who - beats - Who" (WBW)

International Cableski calendar (Competition 2015)





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